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Promoting and preserving the proud history and heritage of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen

'One of the foremost local history groups in the country.'

Hamish MacPherson, The National, March 2024

The Royal Burgh of Rutherglen


The ancient town of Rutherglen was granted Royal Burgh status by King David I in 1126, and existed as a Lanarkshire burgh in its own right for more than 800 years. The town has witnessed some important events in Scottish history, and is the birthplace of many famous and notable Scots. It also plays a prominent role in Scotland's industrial heritage; the town's motto is Ex Fumo Fama: "From Smoke Comes Fame". 

This website describes the activities of Rutherglen Heritage Society, and features histories of the people, places and events which together, make up the rich heritage of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen.

Whatever the speciality may be that distinguishes a district, it generally brings before you the people as they lived in former generations; you see how they thought and acted, and you can pass in imagination with them through their daily life

(Rev. W. F. Stevenson in his preface to Reminiscences of Rutherglen and Suburbs by Hugh Muir, 1890.)

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Above, some notable Ruglonians. Click on the pictures to go to the articles in the website which feature these people.

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Above, extract from the 'General Map of Scotland and Islands thereto belonging' by James Dorret printed in 1750 showing Rutherglen in the centre.

Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

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