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These are digital versions of books which provide much information about historic Rutherglen. Click on the cover of a book to open it,

Written by its foremost historian and librarian and published by the Ruglonians Society as the town approached its 800th anniversary as a Royal Burgh, Rutherglen Lore remains the best single-volume local history.

Ure's book covers 'the History and Natural History of the Borough and Parish of Rutherglen, and the Parish of East-Kilbride.' Much used as source material for Rutherglen Lore

In this entertaining Victorian travelogue, the author, described by Shearer as "a romancist of the first water", provides detailed accounts of his walks around the districts and towns surrounding Glasgow. The section covering Rutherglen starts on Page 83.

Written by the curator of Rutherglen Museum in the 1980s, this illustrated booklet describes the principal historical sites located around Rutherglen's historic town centre.

Compiled by Heritage Society member Colin Findlay, this thoroughly researched illustrated history of the town which is Rutherglen's next-door-neighbour, has an emphasis on that town's  industrial and social history. 

Background map by William Forrest, 1816, reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

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