Mining Memorial update

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Rutherglen Heritage Society members Bob McDonald and Colin Findlay are the driving forces behind a move to have a mining memorial erected in Rutherglen. Many other towns with a coal mining heritage have a memorial, but so far, not Rutherglen. As Bob said, “These collieries once employed over 4,000 people in Rutherglen and there are no visible relics left or a memorial to remind people of this once-important industry."

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31st. March 2020. Our plans for the installation and unveiling of the mining memorial planned for June 2020 have had to be put on hold due to the current coronavirus situation.


Planning consent has been granted for the erection of the memorial, which is in the shape of an antique miner's lamp, on Rutherglen Main Street, across from the Town Hall, slightly to the west of St. Columbkille's Church. See the plans below.

The required funding has been obtained from a variety of sources. We hope to see the monument in place by the spring of 2020!

Members of the Rutherglen Heritage Society were pleased to accept an award of funding from the Glasgow Commonweal Fund toward the construction of a memorial to the mining industry in Rutherglen. (September 2018)

Further information:

Glasgow Science Centre podcast featuring Bob McDonald and Colin Findlay who discuss the geothermal legacy left by the coal mining industry. Part of GSC's Climate Conversations series. Click here.