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Mystery of the Main Street Plinths

©2019 by Rutherglen Heritage Society.

Mystery Solved

We're obliged to Jim Holmes for drawing our attention to a Rutherglen Reformer article very recently posted by Geraldine Baird on the Auld Rutherglen Facebook page. The article informs us that these plinths were part of a project through Museums Access, part of the Urban Cultural programme run by South Lanarkshire Council's Facilities and Cultural Services. The aim of that project was to "produce a tactile trail focusing on selected buildings in the four urban areas of South Lanarkshire." There are two each in Rutherglen (the ones we knew about at the Old Parish and East churches), Cambuslang (at Wetherspoons/old Savoy cinema and the Institute), East Kilbride and Hamilton.

Do you know anything about the mysterious metal plinths in Rutherglen Main Street? Maybe they're not a mystery at all!

There may be more, but there is one across the road from the Old Parish Church, and another along at the cross outside Laurie Ross Insurance, facing across Farmeloan Road to the old East Church, now the Aspire building. See the photos below.

The one across from the Old Parish Church has what looks like a Celtic design inscribed on a fragment of red marble. The one along the road has the image of a Gothic-style church window, also on red marble. They are both adjacent to church buildings, which we assume is significant. The one at the cross has a plaque with a number 8 on it, suggesting they're part of a trail. If so, where are the other 6? It has some braille characters and a website "" which we couldn't find online. The one opposite the Old Parish Church has lost it's plaque.

So, we take it they were placed where they are, mainly for the benefit of visually-impaired people with an interest in old church buildings! Is this correct?

If you can solve this mystery, please let us know! And do you know of any other plinths like this in the area?

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