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Landemer Day, 1st. June 2019

Every year, the Heritage Society takes a stall in the Main Street on Landemer day. This is a great opportunity for us to let people who visit our stall know what we are all about, and to display some of our collection of old maps and historical records, at this much loved and historic annual event.

Heritage Society members Bill McLennan and Colin Findlay were part of our team, and had this to say about the day:

'The first thing is that we enjoyed our interaction with the public and met a lot of interested and interesting people. These included a man related to Dixon of Dixon's blazes. There also were several folk whose fathers had been miners in local collieries.'

'The crowning of the Queen engendered a lot of enthusiasm. It was also great to wander around the stalls and see the extent to which so many organisations were involved. The general public, whether parents, children and older people all seemed to enjoy themselves.'

'One man said it was the most interesting stall in the street!'

Below are some photographs of the day taken by us. These include the Landemer Queen, Provost Ian McAllan, pipers, Maids of Honour in procession, other stalls and the bouncy castle. Also shown are members of the Heritage Society and some of the visitors to our stall. Acknowledgment to the Rutherglen Reformer for their pictures of the day which we also include.

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