ASDAN Group Coal Mining History Presentation

Following talks on the history of Rutherglen and on Rutherglen Then and Now, plus a field trip to some boundary stones, two Heritage Society members gave a presentation to this group of local adult learners on the history of coal mining in Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Bob McDonald and Colin Findlay of the Heritage Society gave a talk to the ASDAN group on the history of coal mining in the area. The presentation, given at the Universal Connections venue in Cambuslang, was the final part of our involvement with the group where we provided information for the Local History module of their current course.

Apart from being members of the Heritage Society, Bob and Colin, along with co-author Joe Cunningham, have written a book on the subject of their talk, entitled The History of Coal Mining in Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Bob and Colin told the group about the origins of coal mining in the area and with the aid of archive maps and photographs, showed where many of the mines and pits were located relative to the landscape as it is today.

The presentation included a topical reference to the recent COP 26 meeting in Glasgow where it was noted with regret the negative view now taken of coal as an energy source due to its adverse environmental impact. This seemed to forget, Bob suggested, the numerous benefits which we have enjoyed for many years, derived from our use of coal.

Carrick McDonald

22nd. November 2021

Further information:

Glasgow Science Centre podcast featuring Bob McDonald and Colin Findlay who discuss the geothermal legacy left by the coal mining industry. Part of GSC's Climate Conversations series. Click here.