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Overtoun Park Bandstand Fire 1st. June 2024

Fire has severely damaged the bandstand in Overtoun Park.

Above, photos taken from X (Twitter) showing the extent of the blaze at the bandstand.

Above, the fire-damaged bandstand in Overtoun Park photographed the day after the fire..

Reports online say that the fire was caused by vandals. A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We received a report of a fire at Overtoun Park, Rutherglen, around 12.40am on Saturday, June 1, 2024. No doubt their investigations will continue.

Grow 73 whose base is nearby in Overtoun Park, said they will start crowdfunding to restore the bandstand.

Above, photo showing the damage to the roof timbers caused by the fire at the bandstand.

Although the roof timbers and benches were subject to significant damage, the basic iron structure of the bandstand, including the roof, appears to be intact.

The damage to this much loved local landmark is very sad, and it is to be hoped that restoration work can begin soon, ensuring that it will be a focal point for the Rutherglen 900 celebrations in 2026.

Carrick McDonald

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