Searching for Boundary Stones in Toryglen

Malls Mire looking north

Above, Malls Mire burn at Toryglen looking north. The new houses at Prospecthill Circus are seen to the right.

During one of the few good days of weather in early September, John Esslemont, Bob Kennedy and myself, went looking for boundary stones along the course of the Malls Mire Burn in Toryglen. We didn't have very high expectations of finding any stones due to the burn being culverted many years ago and the general redevelopment of the area. Anyway, it was a nice day for a walk and good chance for some of us to catch up in person rather than via Zoom.

Above, 1895 Ordnance survey map georeferenced to show the course of the Malls Mire burn at Toryglen.

Map reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Scotland

It wasn't easy to establish the course of the burn alongside which historical maps tell us several boundary stones were set. You'll see from the photographs that the likely course of the burn is now heavily overgrown which didn't make our search any easier. Sadly, we didn't find any trace of boundary stones which have probably been lost as part of the burn culverting, or removed, or sunk into the ground, their tops obscured by the heavy undergrowth. We may return to Malls Mire for another search, perhaps when the trees are not in full leaf, giving us a better chance to spot any stones which may still be there.

Maybe next time!

After our stones hunt, we had a wee walk round the edge of the new houses in Prospecthill Circus, over the site of the old Toryglen golf course, through Malls Mire Community Woodland and past the playing fields in Toryglen Road where Blackfaulds Farm used to be.

Carrick McDonald

September 2020